Of Bunians, Pontianaks & Orang Utan Balinese Fighters in This SEA Fantasy Project

Word got out that a Southeast Asian-themed fantasy visual world-building project is on the way. If that sentence confuses you, get this; Malaysian artist Munkao is diving deeper into the folklore and history of this region that includes Indochina, Suvarnabhumi, and Nusantara (we’re talking about popular myths that you and I have heard about like Puteri Gunung Ledang, but with the promise of in-depth research) with the intention to craft a uniquely Southeast Asian fantasy world without simply replacing existing Western tropes with their Asian equivalents.


Though the final product is still undetermined – Munkao says it could be anything from a game to a book of illustrations – this project is sourcing funding via Patreon in order to complete the package. The illustrator-cum-contemporary visual artist-cum-game designer behind the game Politiko has been working on this project, called A Thousand Thousand Islands, since late 2015 to give these characters, cultures, and worlds a platform to exist within their own context without the association of any Western reference. No mere template swapping here – in the words of the artist, “Pontianaks will not be Southeast Asian vampires and Bunians are not Asian elves, because they are not.”

balinese warriors

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