Flume: Skin


Comparatively from his self-titled release, Skin features a range of guests. There are rappers, a variety of female singers, and Beck who stands alone in this categorisation and as does ‘Tiny Cities’ in which he’s featured on. As it’s been widely played on every avenue, ‘Never Be Like You’ is a massive mainstream hit. ‘Smoke & Retribution’ featuring Vince Staples and KUCHA, released earlier this year, has the juxtaposition of the pounding beat that compounds on Vince’s verses and KUCHA’s wispy delivery. Among the few instrumentals, we particularly enjoyed ‘Wall Fuck’ in which Flume describes, “My goal with this song was to create sounds that sound like the fabric of the universe tearing.” Given this perspective, it provides the distortion, vocal chops and manipulation, and metallic clanging a cool context. Aside from up and coming female artistes, Skin also see the likes of Aluna of AlunaGeorge, Yukimi of Little Dragon, Amanda of MNDR, and Tove Lo. Depending on your preference for how you’d like melodies to be sung, you should find one that suits your taste.

Rating: 3