Clips Of Flooding At Bukit Jalil Stadium Leave BLACKPINK Fans Concerned For Tomorrow’s Concert

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source: Quora

After much anticipation, BLACKPINK is set to perform on local grounds at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium tomorrow, as part of what will be the the biggest tour series ever organised by a female K-Pop group.

We know concerts this big usually see crowds lining up at the venue hours before the show, but this time, BLINKs have found themselves in a state of worry instead after clips and photos depicting flooding within the stadium circulated online.

Many fear for the safety of concertgoers who may be exposed to bad weather during the show, as well as the possibility of faulty equipment or flooring caused by the heavy rainfall over the previous days. Of course, there also lies the question of whether the show may be called off altogether.

Due to safety concerns, it has been made clear that umbrellas are not permitted inside the stadium, but is urged that concertgoers make the necessary preparations, such as to carry raincoats, to guarantee their personal comfort and safety at the venue.

The stadium can accommodate almost 90,000 people, as contrasted to their previous two-day-long gig at Malawati Stadium, that could only cater to 13,000 guests at the time.

We hope the show will go on, and that Malaysian BLINKs will be able to dance as if it’s their last after all.