Apple Says They Saved Almost a Million Metric Tonnes of Precious Metals By Not Including a Charger In The Box

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source: Engadget

Apple made a bold move when they decided to ditch the chargers from iPhone 12 boxes. It did make a lot of consumers frustrated and some claimed it’s just to reduce cost and increase profits.

However, the company’s reasoning is that the smaller packaging for the iPhone 12 reduces the carbon footprint and can eliminate over 2 million metric tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

According to Apple’s latest environmental report, the Cupertino company stated that the decision for excluding a charger helped saved 861,000 metric tonnes of copper, tin, and zinc ore that are mined from the earth.

The report also talked about some of its cloud-based software and AI like iCloud, Siri and iMessage, all of which runs completely on sustainable energy.

Apple seems to take the environment seriously and sustainability is still their main focus. The company also aims to achieve ‘Carbon Neutral’ status by 2030.

Since April 2020, the company’s corporate operations are carbon neutral and they are using 100 per cent renewable energy source for all of Apple’s facilities, SoyaCincau reported.

Read Apple’s full environmental report here.