Ferns’ Fairweather Friends

On Botany, Ferns’ debut album, was one of the few local releases to have garnered acclaims from foreign opinion makers. Rolling Stones named them as one of the top 25 Myspace bands of 2007, Paste Magazine included single ‘Disaster Strikes Again’ on their podcast, and they were included in several best of list. What’s a band to do after that? Wait 4 years before releasing a follow-up of course. Fairweather Friends is the result of their live studio hijinks and inclusion of (more) youthful members to the line-up.

Choosing to abandon the shoegazey dreampop of their debut for rock’n’roll pop (think Couple), Fairweather Friends is simpler and to the point. Don’t mistake this for a concept album despite the weather theme, they just happen to reference the weather on each song. Randomly, noticed that we refrained ourselves from making botanical puns?

Find how you can get the album here and become a fairweather friend of theirs here.