FEMALE-FOCUSSED: Kazel Lim’s Fluid Forms


Just as the platitude “The eyes are the window to the soul” goes, to artist Kazel Lim, human expressions and emotions are some of the major aspects that prompted her to create watercolour-based works. Inspired by the likes of James Jean, Henrikaau, and Agnes Cecile, she employs different colours to tell varying stories from the same mood. Using the watercolour method to illustrate the fluid and elegant female form was a natural selection for the fine artist, as her subjects are animated with soft colours that bloom and blend together — she even has a piece entitled ‘Women are Made of Water’. One of her signatures we’ve noticed is the technique of allowing the watercolour to drip down the eyes of her girls, which lends them the appeal of haunting, tragic beauty. Although her current work depicts women, Kazel has however stated that she will soon shift her focus on male and even animal subjects.

A closer look at Kazel’s work below:



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