Smoke Break & Chill Kinda Playlist by A-Kid

Rather than being known just for being dope on the mic, rapper A-Kid also wants to be known as “something else,” and that’s exactly what he delivered with ‘Apa Lagi Kita Mau‘ and ‘Ada Awek‘, songs that tell us he’s an irreverent kid with unfiltered opinions. JUICE had a little chat with him as he shared with us some of his latest obsessions, from jazzy vibes right down to Korean music to avoid the whole cliché formula that comes with the rap genre. Inspired by everything that feels right, A-Kid’s playlist is essentially what he feels is right for a chill time with cigarettes and tea – just what we needed to go through the week. Sadly, no K-pop in this playlist, but perhaps next time.

Diana Krall – Let’s Fall In Love

With a voice that is distinctively strong, husky, and classy amidst the soft piano notes and percussions in jazz, Diana Krall is described by A-Kid as uniquely sexy and attention-grabbing compared to many female vocalists at the moment. “If I get the chance to make a song with any female artiste, it’ll be Diana Krall.”

Floetry – Say Yes

With ‘90s r’n’b as its predecessor, there’s still the same sultriness in ‘00s r’n’b (do people still use the buzz phrase ‘nu soul’?) that is scarce in today’s electronically-influenced music scene. Said to be the best r’n’b song A-Kid’s ever heard, Marsha Ambrosius’ smooth silky tone makes him want to go grab a cup of coffee and just enjoy this masterpiece by her and Andre Harris.

D’Angelo – Brown Sugar 

In A-Kid’s own words: “I’m tired of trap music recently (finally). Hence, this #1 track from D’Angelo’s debut album got me hooked on a daily. In it, D’Angelo metaphorically explains the goodness he felt the first time he smoked a blunt in Philadelphia in a way you that makes you think the song is about a girl he met in Philly. Genius.”

Calvin Harris – Slide (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos)

Music doesn’t have to be meaningful all the time. Sometimes it can be about piping up, flexing, and taking a girl to Malaysia for a holiday, as long as it gets people moving. On ‘Slide’, A-Kid says, “Frank Ocean’s singing [is] balanced by an impeccable flow, what’s not to like about this track?”

John Mayer – Still Feel Like Your Man 

As a major fanboy of Mayer since his Room For Squares days, ‘Still Feel Like Your Man’ got A-Kid feeling things, like reminiscing a certain someone on an instant. “The drum, the bassline, the small guitar riffs, [all] fit perfectly in my playlist,” explains A-Kid on Mayer’s latest song from his album The Search for Everything.

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