Federico Scavo’s New Track: ‘I Do’

For all you dance mix maniacs out there, here’s a little something for your amped up ears. From internationally renowned DJ, Federico Scavo aka MINIKING, comes the new track ‘I Do’ that would keep your head banging and your eyes twitching in sheer pleasure.

Sporting a unique production that integrates unexpected music styles into his tracks, Scavo’s new mix wouldn’t disappoint in the least. With an intricately crafted beat, fluctuated tones and rhythm and interesting interwoven vocals, this purely aesthetic arrangement would give anyone an excuse to get out of their corners and uncontrollably vibrate with intoxication (under the influence or otherwise).

Let’s put aside the impressive 10 year resume that this guy has under his belt, if you purely judge him on this particular  production, the odds are solely in its favour.

Federico Scavo’s ‘I Do’ Original Mix would be available in Toolroom Records’ Ibiza 2012 Volume 1, and is available for preview here. For more information about this DJ, visit www.myspace.com/federicoscavo.