Chilly Fizi – Recreation

There’s a unique, almost ineffable, quality to Liyana FIzi. The girl-next-door demeanour she exudes both on stage and in person and her coy silliness in conversations give the impression that Liyana is perpetually laid back. It’s almost as if she’s unperturbed by the stress of modern living whereas urbanites can attest to how suffocating it can get to live in the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur. With constant traffic congestion, growing smog, increasingly cramped space and the boorish KLites that come with living under those conditions, it makes us wonder just how Liyana manages to have her peace of mind here. JUICE speaks to the effervescent ex-Estrella vocalist to find out just what keeps her chilled out in Kuala Lumpur while the rest of us struggle with our sanity.

You’d be so hard-pressed to not find an area in Klang Valley that isn’t filled with malls and franchises of all manners that you’d think we don’t do any other recreational activities saved for indulging in commercialism. For the first in three of our Liyana Fizi feature, we ask her what she does for leisure…

Movie outing @ E@CURVE, THE CURVE
“I’m a movie buff, I love going to the cinema. If a new movie is out, and it has good reviews by fellow movie buff friends, I’m there.” Sounds like your run-of-the-mill activity, but add e@Curve to the mix and it suddenly makes sense. While weekends would guarantee the usual sight of any shopping malls – sardined shoppers – weekdays at The Curve make for the perfect movie outing as the premise can get to nearly zombie movie mall serene. This naturally means ample seating at the cinema, thus automatically reducing the amount of rempit hecklers. Peaceful movie experience at the cinema is a luxury we all want. The picture above of Liyana waiting to catch a flick is taken by Reza Salleh, her “tengok wayang buddy.” Acoustic singer songwriters of the same Fender flock together.

An hour plus from Kuala Lumpur, Sungai Chiling off Kuala Kubu Bharu lives up to its unintentionally appropriate namesake, so much so we have to restrain ourselves from making easy puns out of it. “You need to hike for about 45 minutes, and cross 6 small rivers before you arrive at the waterfall,” says Liyana, not to discourage anyone though as the trek to the falls is a tranquil experience in on its own. With vistas that would calm the heart and good company to share the feeling with, it’s not surprising that Liyana loves the place, “been there twice with my friends, and I’m planning to go again and again.” Chiling Falls is truly a place for chilling. We just had to end it with one corny pun.

Liyana doesn’t have to go far for a bit of peace of mind, closer to home is Taman Tasik Shah Alam where she spends her Sundays at for quality family time. “My little brother Aqil loves taking walks here, so on Sundays we pretend we’re pirates, captains, or sailors. Depends on the mood, really.”

Events @ Annexe Gallery, Central Market
Central Market’s Annexe Gallery has been home to art, music, film, talks and activism for as long as it has existed. With such credentials, it’s the proverbial light bulb to the artist’s moth. A frequent patron Liyana is no stranger to the place, it’s where she puts both her artist and activist hats on. Having your synapses stimulated might not be everyone’s idea of relaxation but one thing for sure, “it’s never ever boring at the Annexe.”

Liyana Fizi’s debut album Between the Lines is out at all good record stores. Check out the singer songwriter’s internet presence at and