Fear Meets Reality: JUICE Tackles An Immersive Horror Experience At The Conjuring Universe Tour!

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To all those who dare to explore the depths of fear and immerse themselves in the macabre tales of The Conjuring Universe, the wait is over. JUICE, along with countless thrill-seekers and devotees of terror, had the honour of stepping into the haunting embrace of The Conjuring Universe Tour. A monumental event that has gracefully descended upon us from the shadows, setting foot in Malaysia from 26 August to 19 November at The Curve in Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

As the crisp air of excitement swirled around, the grand opening day was ushered in with a ceremonial ribbon cutting.

This marked the official commencement of a spine-tingling expedition that would redefine my understanding of the supernatural. We raised a glass of chilled blue lychee to the occasion, and waited for our batch number to be called out…

What awaited us within those chilling corridors were meticulously crafted sets, each a reflection of iconic moments from New Line Cinema’s celebrated horror franchise, The Conjuring Universe. Spanning across the entire spectrum of the saga, from the chilling realms of The Conjuring films to the eerie domains of Annabelle and The Nun, every inch of this immersive guided tour breathed life into our worst (and best) nightmares.

In this immersive odyssey produced by Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment, Sunny Side Up, and Incubase Studio, with the invaluable collaboration of AM PM (HK) and Ace Media Network, we found ourselves cast as the central characters of our very own ghostly narratives. Guided by experts in the paranormal, we ventured into a realm where the known and unknown intersect – where supernatural phenomena become tangible realities.

The journey unveiled before us spanned 20 zones, a labyrinth of fear sprawled over 15,000 square feet. These meticulously curated spaces brought to life the cinematic nightmares that had once haunted our dreams.

The Abbey of St. Carta

From the cryptic Abbey of St. Carta, mirroring The Nun‘s darkest mysteries, to the haunting Workshop where Annabelle’s sinister tale took shape, we traversed through a realm of darkness, shadows and eerie, subtle screaming…

As we continued deeper, we confronted iconic relics: The Altar, echoing the chilling enigma of The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, and the Artifact Room, an abyss of horrors containing relics that connected us to the infamous sinister investigations carried out by the Warrens.

The Artifact Room

The grandeur of this experience was accompanied by a remarkable alignment in time. Coinciding with the launch of The Conjuring Universe Tour was the release of The Nun II, a sequel that would plunge us further into the abyss. An alliance with Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) also offers Movie Ticket Bundles, providing the perfect bridge between on-screen terror and tangible reality.

To traverse this twisted tapestry of terror, you can get your tickets through official channels such as www.theconjuringtour.com, KLOOK, IncuTix, and selected e-wallet platforms via WeTix. Options range from daytime explorations to evening escapades, each choice meticulously tailored to your schedule.

For those seeking an elevated experience, the POP MART blind box bundle was a treasure trove of surprises. This exclusive package combines a Flexi Tour Ticket with an enigmatic POP MART The Conjuring Universe Tour blind box figurine! A mysterious souvenir awaits those brave enough to unveil its secrets…

Unveiling this realm of horror came with its own guidelines. As we stood on the threshold of The Conjuring Universe, we pretty much understood the gravity of the experience. Visitors under 15 years were advised to traverse these haunted corridors with the accompaniment of a guardian.

For those who, like us, have found themselves ensnared in the chilling grasp of The Conjuring Universe, sharing the experience is imperative.

Share your journey with #TheConjuringTourMY and follow @theconjuringtour on Facebook and Instagram for updates. Join the realm of horror enthusiasts – book your tickets now and embark on this thrilling adventure!

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