FEADZ @ Bedroom Pavilion

While he may be known to many as one of the lower profile artists signed to Justice’s label of musical pioneers, Ed Banger, or as the ex-boyfriend of uber cool female rapper Uffie; after his totally banging party set at Bedroom Pavilion, to all who attended (and even those who didn’t) he’s now known simply as who he is, Feadz.

To kick off the night opening act The Deer Society took to the decks and played a successful set with their signature sounds of indie dance as well as some refreshing tech house beats. The inexplicably mixed-bag crowd were quick to catch on, with everyone from corporate types, to hip hop dancers, to French exchange students making themselves present on the dancefloor, ready for the main man to take charge. And once he did there was not a still body in sight.

With a mixing ability that can only be described as fluid, Feadz toyed with beats like he owned them all. Signature Ed Banger sounds were apparently left at home in Paris, instead Feadz served up crazy party jams, pop songs, hip hop and ghetto beats – sped up, looped, sampled or pitched up, forget playing by the rules, Feadz had exposed partygoers to a sound that was so awesomely infectious, they couldn’t help but show off some moves.

Never before has Bedroom been outfitted with such a large and strangely affable crowd, with the result making for a room reminiscent of a house party. Bedroom’s cosy couches and pillows only heightened the fun as groups gathered around tables between dances, surrounded by friends like the club was their own living room.

To conclude the night H3 rocked the decks with his Moombah beats, sounding better than ever. It was the perfect finish, as the remaining attendees went all out, expending every last drop of energy to properly honour the sound of dubstep.

Although some confused punters may have initially found themselves yelling for “Justice!”, by the end of the night everybody was cheering for Feadz.  Big ups to Monsoon+ for always bringing the party and serving us up such a kick*ss night.

Feadz killed it on Saturday 19 November with his set at Bedroom, Pavilion. Check out pics from the wild night here.