F*ck Buttons: Truncated Noise

source: F*ck Buttons

UK noise duo F*ck Buttons hasn’t released a new song since their 2009 album Tarot Sport. It’s only recently that they announced Slow Focus. Considering how long it took them to carefully craft their third album, this is probably a follow-up record with the most apt name we’ve heard. Previewing the 7-track album, Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power released an edit version of the record’s third track (and first single), ‘The Red Wing’. It’s heavily truncated – just 3 minutes of a purportedly 8-minute long track – but goddamn, the plunging synths and eerie drones sound deliciously sinister. We’re not sure if the full track will start on a similar note, but we love how the edit goes straight for your eardrums the moment you press play – just imagine the 8-minute version! It’s heavy metal by way of a DJ-producer duo. Slow Focus is slated to be out on 23 July ’13 via ATP Recordings.