Fashion’s Coolest Crossover: This Beer-Powered Puffer Keeps You Cool In The Blazing Heat

In a wild blend of high-tech fashion frenzy, Tiger Beer is unleashing the “TIGER Summer Puffer” – a game-changing puffer jacket that’s not just stylish but seriously functional. Designed to keep you cool as ice, it’s making its electrifying debut at Paris Fashion Week, from October 1st to 3rd, 2023.

Picture this: you’re out in the scorching heat, the sun’s blazing, and you’ve got beads of sweat working overtime. Everyone’s fanning themselves, flustered… And then you whip out this statement piece that doubles as a refresh button for your body.

From Brewmasters To Trendsetters

Tiger Beer has been quenching thirsts in Asia for a cool 90 years, and they’re taking their expertise to a whole new level – keeping you chill, not just with brews, but with style and temperature control, all rolled into one spectacular piece of clothing.

We all know puffer jackets are hotter than hot right now, but let’s face it, in the tropical embrace of Asia, wearing a puffer can be far from practical. Enter the TIGER Summer Puffer, the puffer that laughs in the face of heat, merging style and comfort. That’s what we all want at the end of the day, isn’t it?

The Science Of Staying Cool

Renowned London-based designer Izzy Du, known for pushing the limits of outerwear, has teamed up with Tiger Beer to drop this fashion bombshell. Du’s bold vision and creative flair are a perfect match for Tiger Beer’s daring spirit. But how does it work?

This bad boy comes with a world-first beer-powered cooling system. It chills water with ice-cold Tiger Beer, runs it through tubes right next to your skin’s key spots, and voilà – you’re up to 5°C cooler under the blazing sun.

Sizzling Style

But that’s not all Izzy Du is rolling out the TIGER Summer Puffer’s vibrant, fierce orange hue, unmistakable silhouette, and cool-as-ice capabilities during Paris Fashion Week, from October 1st to 3rd, 2023. After its Parisian debut, this cool cat of a puffer jackets is taking a tour to the sizzling shores of Singapore in December 2023 during ZoukOut, Asia’s wildest dance music festival.

Ok, let’s get geeky for a sec. The brains behind this tech marvel are from Whatever Co. Masashi Kawamura, Chief Technology Officer, spilled the beans, saying they drew inspiration from astronaut tech to keep you cool in the heat. They tinkered, tested, and even had a trial run where the jacket went Arctic-level cold. In fact, they even had to dial it down at one point to keep wearers from turning into human popsicles.

Sean O’Donnell, Global Brand Director at Tiger Beer, said it loud and clear: “We’ve been defying odds since 1932, and this collab with Izzy Du is the embodiment of our innovation spirit. The TIGER Summer Puffer is the real deal, and we can’t wait for its October debut!”

The Future Of Fashion Awaits

So, where do you snag this item? You can experience the world’s first beer-powered cooling puffer in person at Izzy Du’s pop-up during Paris Fashion Week. After that, you’ll have to wait until spring 2024 to get your hands on this Gen Z sensation.

For those who want to dive even deeper into the TIGER Summer Puffer universe, there’s a Launch Film, a peek Behind-The-Scenes, and an Explainer video waiting for your curious eyes.

In the world of fashion and innovation, the TIGER Summer Puffer just cranked the thermostat down a notch…

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