Local Family Receives Call Saying Son Is Still Alive Moments Before Cremating ‘His’ Body

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source: NST

Imagine preparing for the cremation of your son’s body, only to be told last minute that the corpse in your home is in fact not his and you had the wrong body all along. While this instance may sound like something straight out of a movie, it actually occurred to a family in Taman Desa Permai just yesterday.

Their son, who had been under the custody of the Sungai Buloh Prison was initially pronounced dead by the prison department on March 2, after falling unconscious while on remand. It was disclosed to the family that they may pick up the body at the Sungai Buloh Hospital.

source: NST

“On March 3, we visited the hospital. We were not permitted to view the body, though. Also, we were informed that the post-mortem investigation was finished. We were instructed to return the next day, to which we obliged, and were given permission to see the body after completing the required paperwork,” claimed a family member named Chantren, speaking to NST.

Chantren noted that the body they had picked up did not resemble that of his son, what with his head being shaven clean, leaving stitches and other surgical indications clear. The grieving family presumed that these marks may have been inflicted during the post-mortem process and began to prepare for the cremation.

It was mere moments before the ceremony that the family received a phone call from the prison department saying that there had been a mix up, and the body in their home was that of their son’s cell mate. Their son, on the other hand, was still alive and detained within the prison.

source: Sinar Harian

Baffled, the family has expressed their desire to lodge a police report and demands an explanation from local authorities, noting that the mistake had cost them around RM20,000 in cremation and ceremony costs.

Parameiswary, the boy’s mother, has stated that she wants a statement regarding the matter in black and white, asserting the seriousness of the situation.

Additionally, NST has confirmed that the body has been claimed from the Tampin crematorium and the family informed.