Night Owls, Rejoice! Eyebags And Dark Circles Are Now Major Trends On Tiktok

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source: The Cut

For centuries, women and men alike were prompted to do everything they could to conceal puffiness and discolouration around their eyes. Associated with lack of sleep, a poor diet and natural ageing, the appearance of ‘panda eyes’ was one many strived to fray from.

Back in the day, people even went to the extreme lengths of undergoing dangerous surgeries or using bleaching products to lessen or prevent it.

But we’re in the 21st century now- and eyebags are cooler than ever.

Thanks to popular Tiktok stars, people are now embracing this common insecurity by smudging darker pigments of red, purple and brown below their waterlines to create the classic, grungy ‘dead look.’

Take a look at these videos for context.

@chimpgali hate the comments that r like “WTF! u dRaw On ur EyebagS?? i hAve thEm nAtUraLly🤣” LIKE BRUH SAME ITS A FEATURE ABT MYSELF THAT I ENJOY & ENHANCE♬ Its just a cigarette – Cassie

@daniellemarcan @sarathefreeelf and @abbyrartistry ♬ Greek Tragedy (Oliver Nelson TikTok Remix) – The Wombats

@thomasrossier Love them eyebags ❤️ #trend #fyp #makeup #eyes ♬ Its just a cigarette – Cassie

The trend, just like any other, did receive some mixed reactions, with some viewers expressing confusion as eyebags were considered ‘unattractive’ just a decade ago.

Others feared that it was promoting and enabling unhealthy behaviour, as some Tiktok users hoarded the comment sections, jokingly stating that they were going to stay up until 6am every night or punch themselves in attempt to earn the look naturally.

However, multiple eyebag-having viewers came to the defense of the trend, explaining that it was light-hearted and tired-looking eyes are simply hereditary to some; not necessarily the product of faulty habits. Others compared the trend to SFX makeup looks, saying that they were equally harmless and merely a form of expression.

“I’ve had eyebags since I was born, and I see nothing wrong with this trend. No one’s encouraging you to stop sleeping, per se. Eyebags are natural and should be embraced,” wrote one user.

People in favour of the trend also created the hashtag #nosleepclub, laughing off what was once a dreadful physical setback to them. To many, the trend held a heavier significance than just the ‘dead’ aesthetic- it was helping to shut down a generational, impossible beauty standard.

Not to mention, the eyebag trend is also a long-anticipated, life-changing affair for certain individuals who’ve been waiting for their time to shine.

Now, the only major concern regarding the trend is that individuals with sensitive skin may face allergic reactions from applying hazardous makeup products around their eyes. So if you’re looking to joining in on it, make sure your products are safe!

Also, big shoutout to this Twitter user, because they saw it coming:

What do you think of the trend? Radical or irrational?

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