WATCH: TikTok Famous Artist Paints Stunning Portraits Of Icons Including The Main Cast Of HBO’s Euphoria

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TikTok user @jenavievelouie has taken the Internet by storm with her phenomenal artwork featuring well-known celebrities and icons such as Ariana Grande, Kehlani, Juice WRLD and Billie Eilish.

The multi-coloured, futuristic pieces splash across her Instagram feed, demanding attention due to their uniqueness and psychedelic qualities.

They combine realism with a sense of intoxication.

One particular series that enhanced the artist’s popularity is a collection of paintings based on the main cast of the renowned TV series Euphoria.

The portraits of Nate and Maddy are especially favoured.

She crafts each painting one at a time, paying close attention to their backgrounds and placement on her showcasing wall so that they correlate with the actual plot.

Fans also say that her colour concept and style complement this compilation because it reflects on the show’s aesthetics.

Each time the painting-process videos are released, more and more fans latch on, anticipating the next one.

The videos are extremely engaging, and she usually finishes them up with holographic sides placed carefully over black paint.

Jenavieve utilises her own website to sell paintings at an average rate of $20. She also sells tapestries, many of which already sold out.

Juice WRLD & XXXTENTACION tapestries.

At the moment, only 3 posters are left to complete the Euphoria line.

Fans are mesmerised by the way the collection is coming together, many saying that she is deserving of global recognition, and the actors should take notice of her work too.

She also publishes other interesting art-related videos to document her process.

Stars such as Megan Fox and Olivia Rodrigo have had perfectly executed and varnished art made of them as well.

She also maintains a close bond with her followers, incorporating personal content in the midst of her creative outlet. Such as in the video below, where she puts a day in her life as a full-time artist on display.

It’s safe to say that we can expect more breathtaking pieces from Jenavieve, as her platform continues to grow each day with fans urging her to tag them in her next posts, and as she takes on custom projects.


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