Explore George Town’s Notorious Secret Society in ‘Malaya Relived: The Penang Riots’ Musical

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Travel back in time with Malaysia-based theatre, Liver & Lung’s new immersive historical musical of Penang Hokkien high life and the George Town gang riots of 1867. This musical is the latest in Liver And Lung’s “Relived” series, which previously had amazing reviews from media outlets.

‘Malaya Relived: The Penang Riots’ will star Ola Bola’s Melissa Ong as Opal, KLPAC’s Norm & Ahmed’s Phraveen Arikiah as the Eunuch, and Singaporean-based award-winning theatre and TV actress Cheryl Tan as Lady Hwang.

Check out the poster below:

‘..The Penang Riots’ is directed and written by Shafeeq Shajahan, alongside Ian Skatu in the role of musical director and composer. The show invites you on a time-bending journey as you are given the rare opportunity to visit 19th Century George Town.

Brought to life in the form of a three-act musical, the story will be stirring up three things: Opulence, Opals and Opium. The notorious Hokkien secret society, The Red Flag, will be introduced as the trio (Eunuch, Opal and Lady Hwang) suspects that Lord Hwang has begun trading opium and may now be working with the gang.

Tensions increase in Penang as Lord Hwang leads the Red Flags to riot against the Cantonese White Flags. See how the three characters face the difficult task of swallowing their pride, maintaining the status and land of their Great House and, more importantly, extinguishing the dark motives of their shared enemy: Lord Hwang. Oh, the suspense!

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