Eternal Summers: Guitar, Drum, and Now Bass

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Formerly an underground pop duo with a simple set up of guitar and drum, Virginian Eternal Summers, Daniel and Nicole, have added bassist Jonathan to their pop concoction for their sophomore Correct Behavior. It’s a choice that makes sense, the guitar-drum formula can only go so far, even the faultless White Stripes had the musician’s acumen to stop while they’re at their peak after all.

On single ‘Millions’, the addition of a new member and instrument proves wise as the band’s sound has been expanded to dreamier textures. Nicole’s melodies skitters like a catchy pop tune should and the band simply sounds more fleshed out with honed studio production.

This is a rare case of fluidity in being musically superfluous – it’s actual progression that isn’t intentionally studio-slick nor a recycled formula. This indie pop band has finally reached its promised maturity indicated on Prisoner, Silver, and The Dawn of Eternal Summers.

Get more of the band’s music here.

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