ESCAPE:NYE – A Chat with DJ Bento

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DJ Bento makes his return to Kuala Lumpur to play at Livescape’s end of the year soiree, ESCAPE: NYE. To set the record straight, DJ Bento is not Japanese as his name would suggest. Despite being an American living in Japan, he is known to be the creator of Asia’s premiere all mix party, Diamonds. DJ Bento is indeed not a one genre man. He smashes genre classifications to keep the dance floor moving with his unique blend of hip hop, house, electro, nostalgia and rock. In addition to his resident Diamonds parties at Tokyo’s Velours, Taipei’s Primo & Marquee, Singapore’s Filter, DJ Bento is also a co-creator of and resident DJ for Osaka’s #1 all-genre party, Hollywood (sponsored by Ed Hardy Japan). Here’s what he has to say about being an American expat in Japan and what he’ll be bringing on the decks on New Year’s Eve…

What made you pack up and leave the country for Japan?
I originally moved to Japan to take a job working as the foreign legal associate at a law firm based in Osaka advising Japanese technology companies on their business overseas. I’m still actively practicing law while managing my increasingly busy DJ schedule.

What was the weirdest thing you witnessed or experienced when you first got to Japan?
The first time I came to Japan, my Japanese friend took me to a ‘Goth Lolita’ foot spa where girls dressed like French maids rubbed your feet and called you ‘Master.’ Definitely a weird ‘nerd’ Japanese sub-culture experience.

Do you still get lost in translation there?
Yes, definitely. Most of the time my Japanese doesn’t fail me, but once in a while I just have to nod and smile and hope it is the right response.

What’s your most favourite Japanese dish?
Sushi, sushi and more sushi please.

Your style isn’t straight up hip hop, what exactly would you call it?
I love all kinds of music ranging from hip hop to rock to house to electro to dubstep to pop. More than anything, I consider myself a party DJ weaving together, layering and mixing between a wide range of sounds to keep the club exciting and making everyone in the house jump whether they’re a hip hop fan or an EDM fan. When you come to my show, you know it’s going to be a party and that you are going to have a great time.

Are you planning on bringing anything new on the decks seeing its NYE?
I always have a few new tricks up my sleeve. I’m sure you’ll hear some new remixes I’ve been working on as well as some other NYE excitement.

Can you give a shout out to all your Malaysian fans out there?
Truly want to thank everyone in Malaysia for all the incredible support for DJ Bento. I always look forward to coming back to rock KL and eating your amazing food. Make sure to add me on Facebook at for exclusive DJ mixes, videos, photos and updates.

Marco V will be spinning at ESCAPE:NYE @ KL Live this New Year’s Eve. Check him out here.