Enterprise: Beam Me Up, Scotty

With a name like that, you would think Enterprise was a nerdcore band, but rather they belong in the new wave of bands that fall under the dance-indie-electro smorgasbord. To put on our music journo-academician hat, these guys are the after-effect of years of indie club nights like Twilight Actiongirl taking a hold of the underground music scene’s collective attention. They make music that is informed by that very phenomenon – indie rock-sensible dance music played at clubs.

An enterprise of good friends and 2 brothers – Hanafi, Helmi, Tariq and brothers Ahmad & Is – the band originally began when Hanafi, Helmi and Ahmad decided to start playing music after a long sabbatical from the scene due to a troika of commitments; work, education and personal issues. It’s only later when Tariq and Is joined their messing about in the studio that they realised they might be onto something.

Being from an indie rock and post hardcore backgrounds (with Is being a former member of Melbourne-based Super Metronome) but doing what sounds like synthy indie dance now, it’s hard to blame others for pestering them about the music they make. Genre names like dance punk, indie electro, synthpop and what not get thrown around a lot, ask them for their personal opinion of what their music sound like though and they’d tell you it’s “jungle digital frontier” in theme and mood. Don’t ask us what that means though.

Although they’ve only just started recording, a peek at their Soundcloud page would reveal 2 live sessions ‘Dreams’ and ‘LHFT’. Both telling of exactly the kind of music you can expect from these guys. Synthy as genre relatives Tenderfist and Jabèplastik but with more focused on live instruments.

Keeping to the mantra of a party hardy night, their music is composed for our full enjoyment, like a good night out at TAG where you don’t even have to notice Bunga on the deck. Just you, your friends, the music, and some booze to get you in the groove.

Only having performed at a handful of shows, their showing at any gig is still considered an introduction to them. There’s still much to the trade that they haven’t learnt yet. But this 17 March will see Enterprise performing at Future Music Festival Asia alongside not only regional and local acts, but international bands who have had more experience than them. Like the ship their namesake is based on, we expect them to defy insurmountable odds and crush non-believers and Borgs.

Get on board Enterprise at myspace.com/enterprisekl and soundcloud.com/enterenterprise. Watch them live at Future Music Festival Asia this 17 March.