EMUI 9.1 Coming So Soon? HUAWEI Kept Their Promise, You Should Not Be Worried Anymore Of Buying It!

source: Huawei Malaysia

HUAWEI earlier this year announced that they would be bringing their EMUI 9.1 software to older HUAWEI models. And it looks like they are keeping their promise!

EMUI 9.1 is the software used in HUAWEI’s latest P30 series. If you’re using an older HUAWEI device, you could be getting this 3.34GB update in the coming weeks. In fact, HUAWEI will be rolling out this update for 49 HUAWEI models starting with the Mate 20 series from 27 June 2019 onwards.

source: Huawei Malaysia

Here are some of the cool features that come with EMUI 9.1:

1. Enjoy smoother gaming with GPU Turbo 3.0

source: Gadget Match

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you’ll love the GPU Turbo 3.0 feature that provides faster touch response, stable frame rate, and lower energy consumption. This means you can win more and play longer with the EMUI 9.1 update! Plus, this upgrade covers up to 25 international games including Fortnite, FIFA Mobile, and Brawl Stars.

2. Create beautiful videos with easy editing tools

source: Huawei Central

Want to come up with a vlog from your recent holiday trip? No worries, the Highlights feature will help you automatically choose and trim the best shots, while allowing you to add filters, effects, and background music with easy editing tools.

3. Ask Google a question in one tap

source: 9to5google

Launch Google Assistant just by pressing and holding your power button. This feature is especially useful for people who are always on the go.

4. Use the AR Measure App to find out your height

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You’ll no longer need a ruler or measuring tape on hand, because the AR Measure App allows you to measure length, area, and volume accurately. The facial recognition technology also lets you find out the height of a person just by scanning from head to toe.

5. Transfer photos, videos, and files effortlessly

source: Forbes

Be more productive and efficient thanks to HUAWEI Share, OneTap Share. Just place your HUAWEI phone on your HUAWEI laptop to send pictures, videos, and documents in a matter of seconds.

6. Personalise your own video ringtones

source: huaweicentral.com

Getting bored of your traditional ringtones? Create more fun for incoming calls by selecting your favourite videos as personalised video ringtones. 

7. Connect your phone to your treadmill for a smarter workout

source: Huawei Malaysia

Sync your phone to your treadmill to find out how many calories you’ve actually burned. You can monitor your running speed, running distance, and length of your workout. The phone also intelligently measures your step vibrations, helping you calculate your overall steps taken to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Want to enjoy all the awesome features of EMUI 9.1? Here’s how to upgrade the software for your HUAWEI device:

source: GSM Arena

Head over to your ‘Settings’, click on ‘System’, and select ‘Software Update’.

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