Durian Seller Loses RM414,932 After Customer Makes Fake Payments

Source: momentum.travel

A durian seller lost a total of RM414,932 after a customer made 26 transactions of purchasing Musang King durians at his store at Jalan Sungai Klau in Raub.

The Head Of Commercial Criminal Investigation Department Pahang, Superintendent Mohd. Wazir Mohd. Yusof said that the incident happened on 30 June where the victim was contacted by a man named Yifong who said that he wanted to buy 10 baskets of Grade A & B Musang King that costs around RM7,800.

“On the same day at around 8.40am, a man who posed as Yifong’s worker came to the victim’s store stating that payment of RM7,800 has been made through instant transfer and he showed proof of transaction made by Yifong.

“After the purchase was settled, another man named Lok Kiam Thong made online payment from the 1 July until 27 July,” Mohd Wazir said.

Source: UTUSAN

The victim only realised he had been cheated on after realising that he had not received all the money after checking his account on 27 July.

“After checking with his bank, the victim found out that the alleged payment of RM414,932 that he was supposed to receive in his company account during the 26 transactions were not even in the system.

“The victim has then lodge a report since he was lied to and the case will undergo an investigation,” he said.