Drones Will Be Delivering Food in Just 12 Minutes at Cyberjaya

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(source: NST)

Literally taking food delivery operations up to the sky, CEO of local drone company – Average Drone, Hamdee Hamdan has revealed that food delivery drone trials will start from the end of June for a three-month trial period. According to NST, this project will be in partnership with Futurise – a subsidiary of the Finance Ministry that’s managed by Cyberview.

Average Drone is developing a mobile application, that is in its final draft, to facilitate customers to order their food. Since this is a trial period, only seven types of food will be available for order–noodles, rice, burgers, sandwiches, kuih and fruits. However, Hamdee said that this limited menu will be expanded in due time.

(source: The Star)

Before you Cyberjaya folks get too excited, just know that the drone delivery service will only be available within a 2km radius of the Futurise building in Cyberjaya.

Hamdee said that the duration from the time the order is placed until the time the food reaches its destination should take no more than 12 minutes, adding that delivery charges would cost RM2.50 per trip.

“Is not so much about the price, it is also all about the time frame since many want quick delivery. We have developed the drone so that it could be flown during the rain, but not in situations when there are heavy rains,” Hamdee stated.

(source: The Star)

For now, the six-propeller drones aptly named ‘Express Food’ that were manufactured by the company, were able to accommodate a weight of up to 800 grams.

“If the response is good and the trial project a success, our plan is to then modify each drone to accommodate a weight of up 3 kilograms,” Hamdee said.

Although no details were given on how or where the drones would drop the food off for customers (like do we have to leave a window open?) we hope Average Drone will be successfully in bringing the delivery service to a wider audience in the valley.

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