DPM Zahid Has Announced that the 14th General Election Will Take Place Within 180 Days

Images The Star + Asia News Network + Farhan Najib Yusoff

“The elections will take place no later than 180 days from now,” said Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi during the opening of the 46th Gerakan Nasional Delegates Conference in Cheras on Sunday. The DPM added that those who said the election will take place after is “out of touch with reality.”

Dr. Ahmad Zahid is hopeful that Gerakan can win big, and is confident that with sufficient hard work, Gerakan can seize Penang from opposition alliance Pakatan Harapan. Penang is led by opposition Democratic Action Party (DAP), a part of Pakatan Harapan.

“It is not impossible for the pendulum (of political support) to swing back towards Gerakan’s favour,” said DPM Zahid. According to The Star, he also said that better urban planning and environmental care on the island could’ve lessened the severity of the flood, pointing out that the management of of development in Penang was not done in accordance with advice from the Department of Environment.

Regardless of political beliefs, the recent flood has brought everyone together to help victims, indicating a sign of harmony and camaraderie in the country.  If you have yet to register to vote, head to your nearest post office cause registration takes less than five minutes only – marilah undi.