Download This: Adam Kasturi’s JAGUAR

We wrote about Adam Kasturi a while back, and has since been waiting patiently for his self-released debut JAGUAR to come out. Well, this morning Adam sent us a URL that turned out to be just that, a download link to JAGUAR.

While JUICE is still digesting the 24-track album (we haven’t even gotten halfway through it yet), that won’t stop us from spewing hyperbole; the album is worthy of Brainfeeder and Friends of Friends. Maybe we’re not looking hard enough, but we haven’t encountered the kind of production Adam Kasturi does on JAGUAR from others. Makes sense, considering Adam is a true outsider who you won’t see hanging out at gigs, art exhibitions, clubs, anywhere really. His beats sound purely self-reflexive and not the sum of influences from the local scene.

Have a listen yourself and tell us what you think.

Download JAGUAR here. Find out more on Adam Kasturi here.