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source: Double A

A Congregation of Coffee and Cakes
This relatively new café has already received enough amount of press coverage to have potential customers come curiously wandering to the recently constructed Pacific Place in Ara Damansara. By now, the relentless sprouting of cafés around town has jaded us, but the lure of Double A’s pastel aesthetics attracted us like a moth to a fluorescent light bulb.

You needn’t ask the meaning behind the name of the café when you discover that the husband and wife owners are named Aiman and Alia, who as the story goes, are two (still) working corporate workers whose enthusiasm for coffee and cakes have resulted in this very pretty outlet. The credits for the interior design can be directed to the creative mastermind Adrien Ritzal, who has also designed for Food Foundry, Feeka, and Butter + Beans. Aiman — whom we spoke to — has taken a leave from his job in property to help stabilise his new, albeit successful business venture, meanwhile his wife only comes in after 7pm from work. Being stationed in Johor for two years due to work commitments, the vibrant coffee culture there, he found, was comparatively much livelier than that of in KL. Most particularly Monsta Café, whose proprietor, Chye Yuan Feng, serves as a coffee consultant for Double A. The expertise and nuance of flavour can be tasted through even the most innovative of coffee creations. For instance, the Crème Brulee Latte that was quite delectable to our palate; it had the thin crust of sugar similar to the namesake dessert and a caramelised sweetness that just left us reeling, really. We were full of gasps and outpouring of compliments.

Besides the wide menu of coffee and other assortment of drinks, Double A is a hub for popular cake brands that usually only have an online presence. Alia and Aiman have brought in eight brands such as Gulabakery, Flour & Flourish, Cake Jalan Tiung, and The Kitchen Guardian to name a few. When you go over to the counter to select the cakes, you’d see that each of the cake businesses all comes with a small anecdote for how their partnership with the café came to be. On the other hand, Aiman also revealed that the fans of said cake businesses would only equal to a higher foot flow into the café as well – a very clever business decision indeed. This astute mindset has also trickled to their unabashed admission that they want to capture the Instagram crowd (one would be daft not to), and not forgetting the consulted coffee menu as well as the venue, which Aiman had done a feasibility study on—keys have already been given to the 6000 to 7000 strong residents, so an expectation of even higher foot traffic will be imminent.

The next time you see a picture of Double A café appearing on whichever of your social media accounts, we urge you to take a worthwhile trip here.

E-1-3, BLOCK E
T: 012 241 2353

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