Diskoria Promises A Dynamic Show Celebrating Disco, Funk And Retro Pop At RexKL This August

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If the summer heat isn’t scorching enough for you this August, then we suggest you turn to Diskoria to serve you sweltering fervour; because Merdi Simanjuntak and Fadli Aat, an Indonesian DJ and songwriting duo, are set to bring Kuala Lumpur a blazing one-night-only performance on August 20, 2022.

Diskoria was assembled in the outset of 2015, stemming from a common goal of reinstating Indonesian disco music to people unfamiliar with the genre due to the lack of obtainable knowledge and awareness. They are, on a regional level, recognised for their distinctive approach to writing and playing Indonesian dance music as well as reviving the golden years of disco, funk, and retro pop.

Merdi and Aat, who are both vinyl hoarders, trust that Indonesian disco music has a great deal to offer the Jakarta dance music industry.

“Through various collaborations, Diskoria has amassed a killer following not only in Indonesia, but throughout the region. We’ve played in Kuala Lumpur before, but this will be something special. For one thing, RexKL is a larger venue, and we have various new components to play live for the first time for our Malaysian audiences,” Merdi explains.

Diskoria will perform a first-of-its-kind live show in Malaysia’s provincial capital enveloped a unique context, allowing audiophiles to get up close and personal with this groundbreaking group.

“The band is a movement as well as a musical endeavour. We firmly believe in the potency of regional music, and we’re honoured to represent Indonesia in incorporating our pop and disco music aesthetics to the rest of the globe, particularly to the more sophisticated young generation of Asian music fans,” Aat jokes.

Diskoria released C.H.R.I.S.Y.E in 2021, at the peak of the pandemic, a dance track that tactfully commemorates the fabled Indonesian music icon, Chrisye, by including 24 of his song titles in the lyrical content.

Additionally, the tune is of acrostic nature, with each line of its chorus beginning with a letter that makes up the name ‘Chrisye.’

The collaborative approach includes singer Eva Celia as well as Laleilmanino. Heretofore, Diskoria worked with Indonesia’s most famous actress, Dian Sastrowardoyo, on a monster track called Serenata Jiwa Lara. It’s stuck in my head as I’m writing this.

Diskoria’s performance in Kuala Lumpur will be backed by two of the country’s best electronica DJ duos, Bad Habit and Karpet Terbang, and coordinated by Tala Records Asia.

Tickets are on sale now on talarecordsasia.com, with pre-sale tickets worth RM105 selling fast. Officially set to take place at RexKL, a 1,500-capacity live hall in Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur, with its own F&B offerings. 

Grab your tix quick for a chance to witness authentic Suara Disko for yourself. 😉

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