Dig of this Week: Popscene


Hailing from Johor Bahru, indie rock band Popscene has been around since 2014 but it was only in the middle of this year that they’ve just released their self-titled EP, which is a compilation of songs consisting of starry-eyed lyrics with power pop instrumentation. In a matter of four guitar-driven songs, they talk about a dreamy euphoria (whether chemically-induced or not, we can’t say exactly) on ‘When You Never Feel High’, then ‘Down and I Never’ has a much more testy spirit, almost defiant with the anthemic chant, “They try to put me down, I’m never going down.” While with ‘Time’, they talk about well, the titular subject’s fleeting qualities and to seize opportunities when they present themselves, and lastly, ‘Illusion Trap’ is a song that encapsulates the EP in its brief but lingering entirety.

Listen to the band’s self-titled EP below:

Popscene will perform at Live Fact with Youth Portal, Lukarts, and Fazz. More details on the event here

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