Dig of this Week: Janitor

source: Janitor

Image Nadia J. Mahfix

Janitor is an experimental noise rock four-piece from Petaling Jaya. The band has been lauded by Noisemongers Records‘ Aizat Tarmizi — who appointed them as one of the focus acts of his small indie label in December’s Label Junkie story. The band had jokingly described to a curious Tarmizi of their sound as “drinking with Wagner while listening to Sonic Youth.” By crossing the romantic operatic compositions of German composer Richard Wagner and the works of one of the most notable bands in the alternative, noise rock scene, we don’t think it’s a stretch to say that they lean heavily towards the sound of the latter. But Janitor has an unbridled force which is apparent in the loud, continuous whirs and the trudging of guitars.

Listen to some tracks from Janitor’s EP Bilik Janitor below:

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