Dig of this Week: Anamida


Early this year, we were introduced to Anamida’s two demo cuts of her tracks, ‘The Enemy’ and ‘The Help’. Juliana Amida Ibrahim is the sister of Ismail and Nazree Ibrahim of synth pop group Enterprise, but of course, that’s just a fun fact for you because Anamida’s own employment of synth pop stands in contrast of her brothers’ dramatic, dense, and increasingly dark productions – hers is unburdened by any weight. Just like her dulcet voice, her songs have an otherworldy quality to them, we can imagine the songs scoring a sci-fi motion sequence – languid and consequently romantic. Aside from her output, the singer also appears on synth musician Analog K’s future bass single ‘Neko’, and if you’re wondering how she fares in a more uptempo and pop setting, she’s quite fab.

Take a listen below:

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