Dig of this Week: AAZZLLAANN

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We didn’t have to dig too deep into the sonic abyss that is SoundCloud to unearth indie rock musician AAZZLLAANN. The body of work by the mysterious artiste consists of full songs and some musical sketches that can equally endear the listener; in his earlier works you can hear his dabbling in a few different styles, but still within the indie rock genre. Recently, his tracks tended towards rock’n’roll, especially latest single ‘Dead Ghost’ that is reminiscent of UK post-punkers The Subways. No matter if AAZZLLAANN continues with his musical experimentation or if he’s decided that he has found a sound that suits him, we will be paying a close attention to him no matter what.

Give his latest track a listen:

As well as some select few below:

If you’re hankering for more, follow the man here.

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