Dig It: Heineken Thirst Essentials

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source: Heineken

With the tour on the way, JUICE gets down with a trendsetting, jetsetting type of each state and asks them to unearth their travelling essentials — be it music, books, practical items, clothes, whatever they want, really.


source: Jayzuan

DR. MARTEN’S MADE IN ENGLAND BOOTS,  I bought for only RM100 from a skinhead. I love cheap bargains! And they’re perfect for anything that festivals like Thirst can throw at them. The VANS CALIFORNIA JACKET was a birthday gift from my beloved girlfriend. Up another 100 points for love! I’m more of a Carl Barat guy (I once hung out with Carl) but I love Pete as well and the WHO THE HELL IS PETE DOHERTY (DVD).

DVD only cost me RM10. Raw and really exciting to see how Pete progresses post- Libertines. JUST KIDS BY PATTI SMITH was another cheap bargain, can’t really remember how much I paid for this. I’m deeply engrossed in it right now, it’s really well written and gives a great insight into the life of one of rock’n’roll’s greatest icons. This cool underground label gave me this EPIPHONE ACOUSTIC GUITAR as a present when I agreed to record an album for them. I completed the album but the label lost its momentum while they were mastering it and it never got released. We both kind of avoid the subject whenever we see each other now. This guitar is my favourite among my top 5 list. Strummmmmm!

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