Dig Deep Into The Lives of Malaysians at The Human Exhibit on Sex & Gender

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In conservative Malaysia, topics like gender identity and sexual orientation are still taboo and often shunned upon. Based on social media interactions between Malaysians, discussions on these topics are heated and personal, and provoke intense debates.

While science is usually the go-to response to this type of discussions, we have to remember that science is by no means the only avenue for understanding these multifaceted topics. There are other sources of wisdom and knowledge — including art, religion, philosophy, and human experience.

Thanks to I’M Entertainment, you can witness exactly that as they bring the second installation of The Human Exhibit, called ‘The Human Exhibit: Sex&Gender – THESE’ from 4 to 14 July 2019, at AkuSembunyi, a private property at Petaling Jaya.

Some topics that will be explored during this version of ‘THESE’ are gender norms and roles, toxic masculinity, love, intimacy, prejudice and discrimination.

What exactly is ‘The Human Exhibit’? Picture a fine art gallery where you look at paintings and sculptures. Now replace that with people performing dance, spoken word, physical movement, monologues, dialogues, and music at different parts of AkuSembunyi.

Utilising the bedrooms, swimming pool, porch, dining area of the property, ‘THESE’ will take you on a journey into the lives of people around the themes of sex and gender. A fair warning though, this is for mature audiences only.

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