Dewar’s D15 Nights: A Party For The Modern Scotch Drinker

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Dewar’s brought their popular platform, D15 Nights, to KL last April with an exclusive series of games, parties and rising acts. Taking place at Fuze Club, activities led up to the key anticipation for the night–Dutch DJ-producer duo Yellow Claw, live on stage.

Clear from their tagline #DoubleIsBetter, the Scotch brand outdid themselves with a night of free-flowing premium whisky, good vibes and music to remember.

D15 Nights focuses on Dewar’s 15-Year-Old, made from specially selected single malt and grain whiskies that are at least 15 years old. Like a true Scotch, the 15-Year-Old is matured, or as Dewar’s put it, ‘married’ together in a variety oak casks for several months.

The outcome is a smooth, golden liquid that’s full of subtle layers of flavours, making the Dewar’s 15-Year-Old a unique Scotch.

“Dewar’s is a Scotch for the modern drinker. It shakes off the shackles of traditional Scotch codes and sheds a refreshing light on the delicious dram and it’s drinking occasions,” said Arvind Krishnan, Managing Director of Bacardi’s portfolio brands in SEA, which Dewar’s is a part of.

“We created the D15 Nights as a platform that speaks to Dewar’s trendy audience looking for a new nightlife,” he continued, noting the shift made by whisky brands in general to cater to the next generation of discerning drinkers.

If you missed out the first D15 Nights by Dewar’s, fret not. Dewar’s is looking to expand its event series to clubs and bars around KL. So if you’re a whisky aficionado who enjoys a great party, look out for the next edition of D15 Nights coming soon. We have a feeling it’s gonna be double the bravado because #DoubleIsBetter.

Haven’t tried Dewar’s 15-Year-Old yet? Get a bottle or two here and start your weekend right then.

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