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Part 1

Kapok guitars and Nirvana… sounds like every other kid back in the ’90s….

Part 2

… concluding our finger plucking time with Az Samad.

Renowned Malaysian solo guitarist, Az Samad, breaks down his technique to us and relates how Nirvana got him started on a kapok back in the ’90s… Then in Part 2, learn how to totally mess up (or level up) your picking and strumming technique ala George Benson; amplify acoustics like gypsy jazzer Django Reinhardt; pluck folk like the Carter Family’s Maybelle; how to hypothetically apply for a job as a Music Educator at The Juilliard School; cross America from Berklee College of Music to San Jose State University; and be a part of a lineage of students of the great Andres Segovia; and more…

For fans of ethereal music be it acoustic or electric, strumming or fingerstyling, Elliot Smith or the soundtrack of Final Fantasy’s Distant Worlds, here’s a Malaysian guitarist’s musical journey that will resonate with you.