Despite Being Opened, No Students Showed Up For School at SK Bangsar This Morning

(Source: SK Bangsar)

Following yesterday’s case of two pupils from SK Bangsar testing positive for COVID-19, parents were adamant not to send their kids to school today. The whole morning session for the school was empty as 100 per cent or almost 800 students were not present.

According to the president of the Parents and Teacher’s Association (PTA), Mohd Yazid Mohd Yasin in Berita Harian, only teachers and the staff of the administrative office were present while teachers were required to have a swab test yesterday during the quarantine period.

(Source: Science)

However, another swab test will be carried out again by the health ministry and this time, all students and parents are required to take it, and most likely other people too, as the two students who had been infected were known to be active especially when it came to dancing in big groups.

On another note, Mohd Yazid also assured that the Ministry of Health has already conducted a smear test on the students and teachers present and they would be wearing bracelets. The school and other parts of it have also been sanitised for extra precaution. 

(Source: World Times News)

“SK Bangsar’s total number of students is almost 1,800 and it is expected that all students will not attend school for these two school sessions until the situation really recovers,” said Mohd Yazid in Berita Harian.

Meanwhile, President of the National Union of Teaching Services Malaysia (NUTP), Aminuddin Awang had also stated that power should be given to the State Education Department (JPN) and District Education Office (PPD) to determine whether schools should be opened or closed due to locality. 

(Source: The Star)

However, he also agreed that if the situation gives extreme discomfort and anxiety towards the school community then the school should be closed.

Looking at the situation, this is clearly the case for SK Bangsar.