Denim Untuk Rakyat! ASAS by Tarik Jeans Keeps it Real for Malaysians

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If you had a magic wand that could recommend what to wear, chances are, it would be pick jeans about 90% of the time. Whether rocked at the office or college on a daily basis, or saved for weekend romps, jeans go through their fair share of wear and tear. So finding a pair that fits well, looks good and will last, is practically essential.

Homegrown cult label, Tarik Jeans are giving us exactly that with their latest denim drop ASAS, which translates to ‘basic’ or ‘fundamental’ in English. The new jeans comes in both slim and straight cut, so that you can choose whatever fit that suits you the most.

The jeans-line draws inspiration from Tarik’s sold-out premium denim released in 2017, but stripped down to feature new elements. Each of these jeans include a paper-patch logo, a silk-screen T (for Tarik) on the back-pocket, and are sustainably rinse-washed for an authentic raw colour.

Tarik have always been known for creating high quality apparel with fiercely independent designs, and these minimalistic, responsibly sourced, well fitting and long lasting jeans are another gem in their long line of streetwear releases.

Tarik’s sustainable denim line has been known to cater to those who appreciate craftsmanship and jeans that are capable to age gracefully. Don’t believe us? Open up your Instagram app, and search the hashtag #tarikfades to see for yourself.

ASAS ticks off all the important boxes without burning a hole in your pocket by retailing for RM199. Just check out the details on this thing!

Get your own ASAS denim, by visiting Tarik’s website, here

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