Death of Russian YouTuber Caught On Livestream After BF Locked Her Out in the Cold

(Source: The Insider)

Believe it not, people will do the most bizarre and sometimes abusive things to their partners just for the sake of fame and gaining followers. Recently, a Russian YouTuber was arrested after the death of his pregnant girlfriend was broadcasted live on the internet.

According to The Sun, Stanislav Reshetnikov, or better known as Stas Reeflay on YouTube, has allegedly caused the death of his girlfriend Valentina Grigoryeva when he had forced her to stand out on a balcony in the sub-zero weather wearing only her underwear.

(Source: The New York Post)

The reason why Stas had made her do so was due to a viewer on his show who had offered him $1,000 to inflict harm on her during his live stream.

It is believed that the 28-year-old passed away due to Hypothermia at his rented house in Ivanovka village, near Moscow.

What makes it worse is that Valentina’s shocking death was all caught live on camera as Stass had continued filming even as he realised Valentina was “half-dead”.  In a horrifying video which is circulating on social media platforms including YouTube, we can hear Stass desperately trying to revive her by saying:

“Valya, are you alive? My bunny, what’s up with you?

“Valya, Valya, damn, you look like you are dead.

“Bunny, come on… tell me something. I’m worrying. Damn… I’m not feel her heartbeat.”

After many times of trying to revive her, he then tells his viewers, “Guys… No pulse… She’s pale. She is not breathing.”

The live broadcast goes on even until the ambulance arrives, and Stass is heard saying, “Wake up, Valya, I love you, wake up.”

(Source: The New York Post)

With this tragic incident, many of Stass viewers have been vocal that this is not the first time he has used Valentina as a prop for abuse.

A friend of Valentina also said that there was one time where he had showered her with pepper spray.

(Source: The Sun)

Stass is being held by the police who attended to the scene and has been interrogated over the broadcast and his girlfriend’s death. He may only face up to two years in prison if the forensics team rules out that she died of Hypothermia.

This shocking tragedy has prompted calls in Russia for an urgent ban on online “reality violence” which appears unrestricted on YouTube and can be watched by children.