Death Grips: Afro-Anarchopunk

At one point afropunk was a hot topic, just as hip hop was, and rap rock was (what a joke that turned out to be). But these were all momentary paradigm shifts, now all coming to a moribund state. Math rock band Hella’s drummer Zac Hill has formed something that could be another false start to a promising movement – punk rap band Death Grips.

Teaming up with Andy Morin on keyboards and an anorexic Kimbo Slice, MC Ride, on vocals, Death Grips sound like what you’d think the term afropunk denotes as opposed to the actual reality of afropunk. Completely on the outside of genre classification. MC Ride raps with irregular meters and barks like a mad dog, coming off like a Fugazi-raised ODB, while Zac and Andy’s production is a din of insane drums, synths, and breakbeat coalescing into an abrasive punk-by-spirit sound quite unlike any other.

Their free LP Exmillitary was an overlooked internet download classic that led to their signing to Epic Records anyway, an industry feat only rivalled by Tyler, the Creator himself. 2012 will see two physical releases from Death Grips, new single ‘Lost Boys’ off upcoming album The Money Store has all the ingredients of a gripping Death Grips track. Dark industrial beats with dizzying distorted vocals that’d intimidate the s#it out of you. We’re in for the ride.

The Money Store is set for a 24 April release. Gripping new music at