DealMates’ Quirky-Thingies Contest

By nature, most of us tend to shun who or what we feel is different. It might be someone who has a weird sense of humour, or someone who dresses strangely. Quirky, on the other hand, seems to be the term that society feels comfortable with. You’re not strange enough that we have to socially outcast you, and you’re weird enough that everyone can talk to you, not just a psychiatrist. loves being quirky. So much so, they have launched the aptly named Quirky-Thingies page on their website, with the help of iTakios.

These aren’t your run-off-the-mill products. DealMates and iTakios went through a painstaking process to ensure that these products wouldn’t be found on just about anyone’s garden variety drawer, table, safe, pocket, and whatever space you can put a product on and in.

To commemorate the site’s launch, they are having a very simple contest; submit a picture of your “quirky” self, and stand a chance to win up to RM2000 in prizes, as part of their photo contest for Quirky-Thingies. Those unsavoury pictures meant for no one’s viewing you strangely saved up may finally might pay off in a very good way.

So, be wonderfully weird and strange. Be quirky with DealMates and iTakios and join the contest here.