’s Deal of a Lifetime!

Update (18/4/2012): Due to overwhelming response, we decided to extend the deadline to 27 April! Not just that, RM5 credits will be added to anyone who signs up for the contest.

If you haven’t already heard of DealMates, it’s nigh time you get familiar with Kuala Lumpur’s best site for discovering big discounts all over the city. The good folks at DealMates, in conjunction with JUICE, are offering RM2500 worth of DealMates credits to one lucky participant of our Deal of a Lifetime contest. To win, all you need to do is tell them what is your deal of a lifetime in 20 words or less HERE.

Curious as to what sort of deals you can find on the website? Here are 4 of the best deals you could be spending on if you won the contest;

1. 80% off Bisou bakeshop, KLCC. RM1 for 1 cupcake, and a chance to win an additional Jumbo Cupcake
Bisou Bakeshop in KLCC has a reputation of making some pretty tasty cupcakes. And it’s no wonder that it costs RM5 for a these little pieces of heaven. But Dealmates made it a lot easier on our wallets to get our mouths on these chocolate-topped wonders. An 80% discount on the cupcakes meant that one cost RM1 instead of RM5. And to top it off, there was a chance to win a jumbo cupcake.

2. 71% off a meal for 2 at Yogi Tree, Midvalley Gardens
Organic Food is revered for being good for our bodies and our minds. But it doesn’t really help us by making our wallets lighter. The Yogi Tree specialises in food with no preservatives, chemicals and has awards to show that they know what they are doing. Dealmates works their magic and gets a very nice discount, and manage a meal for RM27.50. Working out to be RM13.75 a person. Which makes it almost cheaper than buying the organic food and making it yourself.

3. 80% off Framed Canvas Prints of your pictures
We all love pictures. That is probably the main reason that we take them.  And what better way to cherish a memory then by putting them onto a canvas and hanging it for everyone to see. This would usually be a rather expensive procedure to do, usually setting someone back about RM100. But Dealmates manages to get a whopping 80% discount, driving the price to RM24. And there are some meals that cost more.

4. Exclusive STYLO+MYLO Heels sale
Christy Ng has a knack for heels. So much so that she designs them herself. Under STYLO + MYLO, Christy Ng has provided heel lovers with her own take on them. And now, Dealmates has gotten an exclusive deal with STYLO + MYLO for her heels at 39% off. Quality has never been given at such a price.

Damn son, discounts up to 80% off plus RM2500 credits had you won the contest? Now that’s a deal of a lifetime, you’d be a fool to miss out on the contest.

Deal of a Lifetime runs from today to Friday 20 April 2012. Enter here and find more deals on DealMates here