Dazzle Comfortably & Safely this Christmas

As we draw closer to the end of the year, it’s also the time we lay out our plans for the gift-giving season of Christmas. We know it’s tempting to spend less on ourselves in order to spoil our loved ones with thoughtful presents, but if there’s anything we should really be aware of, it’s the importance of health and safety. For contact lens wearers, why opt for night market colour lens when you can get something reasonably priced, vibrant, and comfortable like the Bausch & Lomb’s Lacelle Jewel & Diamond series?

As a pioneer in contact lens manufacturing, there’s no denying that Bausch & Lomb make amazing contact lenses that are soft and fit perfectly in the eyes without looking unnaturally big. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Lacelle cosmetic lenses aren’t just tools for better vision, but it’s also part and parcel of your beauty routine – especially benefiting those who enjoy a simple touch to the perfect OOTD. To put that to the test, we’ve tried out a pair of Lacelle Jewel lenses for seven hours and here’s our honest review:

Just before that, to give you a little background information, Lacelle Jewel is a monthly contact lens that comes in seven unique shades to complement your natural eye colour. The jewel patterns on the lenses are designed to sparkle and exude a fun vibe, without compromising on the product safety. It is also important to mention that Lacelle’s colour lens uses a sandwich inking method to ensure the colour printed is inside the thin lens itself instead of on the outside which might have direct contact with our eyes. Upon first inspection, the lenses are thin and soft, which is a great sign. They were also surprisingly easy to put on, one easy way to tell if a pair of contact lens is going to fit well.

All seven shades in the Lacelle Jewel line range from ultra natural to exquisitely vivid. To our surprise, the bolder colours like Peridot Green and Sapphire Blue weren’t bold and looked extremely subtle with only a hint of colour. Most of the colours are only visible at close proximity, and at three hours of wear, they continued to stay fresh with no sign of redness in the eyes.

Aside from the perfect fit and comfort (seriously though, they look equally good on small and big eyes), the Lacelle Jewel look their best when paired with light wash of eyeshadow in the crease and the tiniest bit of mascara – excellent for lazy days when doing a whole face of makeup is just not worth it. As we reach closer to our seventh hour of wear, the lenses are still going strong, partly due to the lenses’ center thickness of only 0.078mm.

Check out the colour quiz or visit the colour matcher at Lacelle’s official website before trying out the lenses yourself! 

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