Daytime Fighting League Returns for a Second Ball-Busting Season

If you’re one of those people who don’t enjoy wrestling because you don’t like looking at burly men jumping on one another, then Adult Swim’s Daytime Fighting League is the ring sport that you need to watch. Don’t be fooled by its ‘80s Atari wrestling video game aesthetic, or the fact that the series comes complete with announcers, a sexy female referee, and even wrestler nom-de-plumes (see Season 1’s best examples, ‘Meg Has Issues’, ‘The Booch’, and simply, ‘Foot’). Daytime Fighting League‘s genius lies in how it manages to appropriate all the fun that comes with how over the top professional wrestling is, and use that to legitimise some of the weirdest challenges you’ll ever see, both on the Internet and on TV.

Season 1 boasted some real thrills and spills, which proves that competitive sports aren’t always for the buff and burly. Sixteen contestants of all sizes and shapes were subjected to challenges that seem like they were taken straight from someone’s acid-fuelled dreams – including the ‘Boulder Holder’, where two male contestants wearing bras had to race each other to remove those bras with one hand strapped behind their backs, and the ‘Sky Sub’, where two female contestants fought brutally to be the first to take a bite out of a Subway sandwich suspended from the ceiling. Season 2 is already living up to the reputation that Season 1 earned for both the series itself, as well as broadcaster Adult Swim as a whole – two episodes have been released so far, and the silliness is as astounding, but also as addictive.

Check out the first episode of Season 2 below.

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