‘David Bowie Monopoly’ Gives The Classic Board Game a Glam Update

source: b.amused

Let’s be honest, the Monopoly game is only enjoyable when you’ve had a few in, or when 60-years olds get together for a birthday party. Other than that, we’d say it’s pretty dull and long.

However, this David Bowie edition adds the glam to the so-called “bored” game with a set of Bowie-themed tokens inspired by the musician’s original aesthetics that are pleasing to the eyes of any Bowie fans.

source: Twitter

Instead of buying properties, the squares on the board represent the albums from Bowie’s vast music catalogue. Once you own the albums, you can then build stages and stadiums. Other players who roll into town will then have to pay “rent”.

source: David Bowie News

Monopoly has catered to a variety of fans including music fans with their previous AC/DC, The Beatles, and Rolling Stones set.

This David Bowie edition is great if you want to look cool when someone asks “Hey, you have a board game we can play?”

We don’t know when or if it will hit Malaysian stores, but for now, you can get the Monopoly David Bowie edition here.