Some People Couldn’t Get the PS5 but They’re Fine with Buying an Empty Box for RM91

source: News Break

Being one of the most hyped products of 2020, it’s no surprise that the Playstation 5 is sold out. Like everything that’s the talk of the town, some are taking this chance to ride the hypetrain.

Singaporean Leslie Koh found an empty PS5 box in the rubbish at his apartment. As a funny Christmas prank, he posted it up for sale at S$31 (RM91) and mentioned “Box Only”, of course.

To his surprise, he got a message in a day from a potential buyer. Paying for an empty box, who wouldn’t be sceptical? But he managed to sell it anyway.

source: Leslie Koh

I SOLD IT. A BOX THAT I PICKED IT FOR NOTHING AND MADE $30),” Koh posted on his Facebook. “Here’s what I’ve learnt: Opportunities are everywhere, you just need to keep your eyes open. One man’s rubbish is indeed another man’s treasure,” he added.

Since the Playstation 5 is sold out everywhere, he gave a warning to anyone seeking the console for Christmas that you might just be getting the box.

If you plan to get the PS5, you should try your luck next year when it’s restocked (time so save up I guess). The Playstation 5 Digital Edition is priced at RM1,869 and the version with un Ultra HD Blu-ray drive is priced at RM2, 299.