WATCH: Dato Seri Vida Serves “Camp” & Stunning Visuals With MV Directed by BEHATI’s Kel Wen

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Dato Seri Vida has always been known to do extravagant things but her latest music video ‘Ku Ikhlaskan’ which dropped yesterday (20 March) really takes the cake! In fact, we even dare to call it campy AF.

To put it in perspective, “camp” is mainly used in the queer community and through its modern usage is synonymous with “kitschy” or “flamboyant”. Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay ‘Notes on Camp’ described the word as being playful and anti-serious as well as exaggerated and artificial among other things.

“Camp is a woman walking around in a dress made of three million feathers,” the late author wrote and that’s basically Vida on a normal day.

The Malaysian cosmetics mogul has been teasing snippets of her new song over the past week and it finally premiered it on YouTube. The song, composed by Amy Ukays, and the music video which was shot over five days in Kuala Lumpur and Genting Highlands cost Vida a whopping RM400,000, according to Malay Mail.

So far, the video has gained over one million views.

While the track is ok-ok, we like to give huge props to fashion designer Kel Wen from Behati who is behind the video masterpiece. Not only was he in charge of Vida’s eight unique costume changes but Kel Wen was also the video’s director and art director.

The music video was filled with creative sets and beautiful shots but what really made our jaws drop is when Vida was seen in a ridiculous 20-meter long telekung while singing her heart outThere’s just something about the simplicity of prayer clothes and exaggeration that made it.. camp.

According to Kel Wen, this is his second time directing a music video and he has been secretly manifesting to work with Vida since 2018.

“All the visuals I had for and some that were rejected due to the controversial nature of my art for some artists, I get to gather all of them into this music video. Thank you DSV for giving me this chance to create the art and fashion that I’ve always wanted to try, and mostly just believing me,” he wrote.

To know more about Kel Wen and Behati, watch this: 


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