Darren Ashley x The Impatient Sisters

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JUICE knows that 2 of our favourite recent acts, Darren Ashley and The Impatient Sisters. are fond of one another’s music and that it would only be a matter of time before they record something together. So we weren’t surprised when we heard their collaboration ‘Mana Diriku’.

Musically sounding more Darren Ashley than the 3 sisters, ‘Mana Diriku’ is the first Malay number by both of them. While Darren’s Malay is endearing in his rather gwai lo-esque accent, Soraya’s (The Impatient Sisters) coda provides the track with impeccable pop vocals to compliment the unabashedly poppy lyrics. And yes, the track is pure saccharine electropop that comes complete with an obligatory English line in the midst of Malay lyrics, which is perfectly fine. JUICE loves our ’80s-tinged off-kilter pop.

Check out the track below;

Check out Darren Ashely and The Impatient Sisters on their respective Facebook pages.

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