CraveSense 2nd Anniversary Bash @ Mist

Event organiser CraveSense pulled no punches at their 2nd anniversary, these guys delivered one heck of an insane night and then some.

Image Mist

You know you can throw a mean ass party when the headcount exceeds a whopping thousand peeps! Sounds unbelievable I know, but with mix sets by the likes of DJ Goldfish, DJ Voize, DJ Zoey, MC Terry T, Michoh, DJ Stallone, DJ Reeve, A-rox, and M.K.F.Z, it was hardly a surprise that Mist Club reached capacity attendance.

It also helped that CraveSense was generous – or crazy depending on how much you envy the winners – enough to give away RM2000 in total to a couple of lucky winners, which made for an even more intense crowd. Free sh!t tends to do that, and frankly we were almost disappointed that there wasn’t a riot, although you could be forgiven for mistaking the crowd of people wearing the same shirt going wild to the night’s eclectic mix of hip hop, rnb, k-pop, and electro tunes for some sort of political rally. Almost all of them were wearing CraveSense’s 2nd anniversary tee!

But hey, don’t take our word for it, ask anyone who was on Twitter on 22 June and they would probably tell you that their timeline was flooded with party animals going bazongas.

CraveSense celebrated their 2nd anniversary at Mist Club, Bangsar on Wednesday 22 June 2011. Need photographic evidence of these wild claims? Click here.