COVID-19: Cheras is the Only Region in KL that is Not a Red Zone

*UPDATE (1:30PM): Cheras is now a red zone with 44 reported cases from 38, but it’s still the least affected area in KL.

The Ministry of Healthy (MOH) announced that 3 out 4 regions in Kuala Lumpur (the fourth being Cheras) are all considered to be red-zones with the district of Lembah Pantai having the highest cases of Covid-19 at 367 reported cases as of 12pm, 4 April.

source: KKM

As seen in the picture above, locations are only considered to be red-zones if the number of cases exceed 40 which is why Cheras is not anymore despite previously being a red-zone itself. Other districts within the Klang Valley such as Petaling (308 cases) and Hulu Langat (307 cases) are red-zones with the highest number of cases following Lembah Pantai.

Other red-zones within the Peninsula include:

  • Seremban (146 cases)
  • Johor Bahru (137 cases)
  • Kluang (135 cases)
  • Kepong (104 cases)
  • Klang (88 cases)
  • Titiwangsa (86 cases)
  • Kota Bharu (82 cases)
  • Kinta (82 cases)
  • Gombak (77 cases)
  • Hilir Perak (61 cases)
  • Jerantut (58 cases)
  • Batu Pahat (47 cases)
source: KKM

East Malaysia on the other hand has a lesser number of cases overall with many locations being green (0 cases). The cities of Kuching in Sarawak (155 cases) and Tawau in Sabah (67 cases) are considered to be the only red-zones in East Malaysia.

People living in any of the aforementioned red-zones should take all the necessary precautions, and do their best to stay at home and practice social distancing. For now, only time will tell whether the MCO will be extended or lifted by the 14th of April.

(*Feature image taken from Artikarya by Gilcee Art)

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