‘Coronavirus Cupcake’ Goes Viral For Being Dangerously Delicious & Saving This Cafe From Closing

source: Malay Mail

While most of us are maintaining social distancing and adhering to SOPs to avoid the dreaded coronavirus, a cafe in Prague is welcoming a coronavirus-shaped dessert with open arms.

The tasty treat takes the form of a microscopic view of the deadly virus as it is round in shape and has the signature red and white spikes. While the Covid-19 hairstyle was popular in Nairobi, Kenya for spreading awareness of the dangers of the disease, this cupcake in Prague is around because the idea of ingesting something that looks like a fatal virus just tickles a lot of people’s funny bone.

source: Prague Guide

The cafe called The Black Madonna had been experiencing a major slump in business since the pandemic hit which is why they conceptualised the Covid-19 cupcake. The creator, Olga Budnik, said,

“I found a photo of the virus on the internet and I figured out in detail how to make the dessert — how to make the spikes, what the colour would be like, and I prepared it all.”

source: Global News

The approximate size of a tennis ball, the delicious dessert is made of chocolate crust and dusted with cocoa butter spray. The spikes are made of white chocolate and dried raspberries. It also has pistachio filling, raspberry puree and raspberries in the centre. Damn, now I want one!

Ironically enough, the cupcake version of the coronavirus has actually saved The Black Madonna from their declining sales, causing a spike in business. They’re selling more than 100 of these treats a day which makes it one of their bestsellers.

However, it doesn’t end there. The creator has her sights on a vaccine-themed cupcake to celebrate the end of this infuriating pandemic. She says that this upcoming dessert will have “lots of lime with a bit of alcohol.” Sounds perfect!

Until then… Stay safe and stay home!